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Research shows that 2 factors contribute to an increase in fat mass: the number of fat cells and how much fat each of them stores (their volume).

Fat cells are tricky little monsters. Losing weight means essentially shrinking, not losing, the fat cells you have. The fat cells due to their nature want to stay big and will pounce at any opportunity to get big again. So what does this mean for you?

1) Don’t get fat in the first place! Once you increase fat cells, they are with you for life. Shocking right?! Makes you rethink that chocolate bar or cinnamon sprinkled donut right?

2) You can shrink your fat cells by exercising and eating well BUT you then need a way to maintain this weight loss as your fat cells will be fighting to get big again. So ditch any diet that you can’t maintain and FINALLY learn how to Exercise right, Eat Great AND Keep up with all the new changes!


There is NO Risk to YOU!"

Scrutinize the course program for the FULL 8 weeks and do ALL the action steps outlined in the program.

For any reason you don't get the results you desire, then we will honor our money back guarantee. Please note, you may only request a refund after doing the program for the full 8 weeks.

This program is backed by our
8 Week, 100% Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee!


Do you want to be a Success Story like these women?

“Your first e-mail to me was perfect, to be honest it scared me as it was a little hardcore but my partner said that was what I needed!!

The wording that you used was really good as it was very motivating and gave me a bit of a kick (that I needed!) e.g.. "Usually the best place to make a start is exactly where you are.

Don't wait to start "tomorrow" as it is not a day of the week!” I was a bit apprehensive at first but after reading the plan I’m very positive about it and am looking forward to a change in lifestyle.

As I approach week 4 I am finding my exercise regime easier. I started by religiously writing everything down but now I do more exercise without even realising, for example

I walk a lot more and leave my car at home on my days off. My stomach is definitely looking flatter and I feel positive about myself for the first time in ages! I'm now at the weight and clothes size that I wanted to be, I still need to tone my tummy so will work on that but have taken away a lot from the program, mostly how and when to exercise and I will also continue the weights program.”

Christine Millard

I had all the usual excuses but this program made me realise I was to blame for being fat and out of shape. I look and feel sexy for the first time in years. Its been 11 weeks and I have lost about 9 kilos, fit into a size 10 and am looking forward to showing off my slimmer arms this summer!”

Jill Hughes, Auckland, New Zealand

I needed SkinnyChick’s hard advice to get my butt off the couch and taking action.”

Candace Holden of Orange, California

“Heading into my 30’s I knew I should be changing my habits. My weight has definitely crept up since my mid twenties. I turned 30 six weeks ago so am so grateful for this program. It has since helped me reduce my PMS outbursts by eating well (my husband is very appreciative!), and helped me sleep better. I am a self proclaimed ‘stress head’ so all the exercise and lifestyle tips have helped me get around 7 hours sleep each night.

Jules Harper-Glassman, Sydney

“The biggest reason I did this program was because I stopped feeling like me. I felt flat, unmotivated, fat and old! I’m only 32 years old but the last 10 years of stress had really caught up with me. Running my own business from home I seldom make the time to exercise or make good meals for myself.

The SkinnyChick program was actually what I needed to give me a kick up the behind and start taking care of me! I love that I don’t feel deprived from the foods I love. I get to still enjoy my ‘treats’ and have a life by eating out! Just by eating better, exercising and changing some of my routines, I look in the mirror and feel proud!!!

I love how I look (there are a couple of areas I am still working on) and I love how I feel. My boyfriend loves that I am less stressed out and we now even workout together for fun! Thanks for this program and giving me what I needed to feel on track again.”

Karen N, Auckland

Let me make a prediction; without doing this program, 1 year from now you will be
in the same shape you are now OR most likely worse.

As we get older, it gets more challenging to get and stay lean. You would have heard the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to your health and especially your weight.

If you don’t take action today to make changes, you can only expect to go downhill…. Harsh, but true.

LONG-LASTING Weight loss is much easier on the SkinnyChick Challenge. Losing weight and more importantly keeping it off takes time. The SkinnyChick 8 week Challenge gives you all the tools you need to start making powerful changes to your lifestyle to ensure you exercise right, eat well, lose weight gradually and create habits you can keep up with for life

Get A Super Sexy Body in just 8 Weeks!

Option 1:
Full Payment- $247
(Pay in Full & Receive a special Bonus Valued at $39 + Any Special Promotional Gifts)
Option 2:
Flexi Pay Plan - 7 payments of $39
NOTE: This is a interactive digital coaching program to help you achieve your health & fitness goals over the next 8 weeks. You will not receive a physical product. Once you have made your purchase our team will register you for the next upcoming program start date. You will receive a email notification once this has been done.

100% 8 Week Money Back Guarantee

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