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Almost Every diet & exercise program claims to have found the Easy Secret to being slimmer, sexier, and stronger.

BUT if you want those Tank Top Arms, the Bikini Belly, and a Boy Shorts BUTT, you’re are going to have to work for it, and that’s the plain “Tell it like it is” low-down truth!

It’s So Simple: If you wanna be Skinny…
You’re Gonna have to get off Your BUTT!

8 weeks from NOW you can either be revealing a sexier and slimmer body OR you could be slightly chubbier and not too happy with your shape!

If you’ve ever wanted to finally see that fantasy image you carry in your head of your perfect body become a reality, then this might be the most important message you ever read.

Ready to overhaul your current health and fitness habits and FINALLY see a change in your body shape? BUT you need a kick up the behind to start making changes?

Losing weight is great and can be easy to do BUT only if you have a big motivating goal AND
someone to help keep you accountable.

Well SkinnyChick is here to help make this whole weight loss journey and routine overhaul that much easier!

I'm SkinnyChick and I love helping other OYA's look and feel sexier. I have over 14 years experience helping people all over the world change their lives.

I'm a straight-shooter; I tell it like it is!

Let me tell you what I’m not going to do for you. I’m not going to let you just get by in life and settle for a blah body and put up with feeling crap.

My no nonsense approach to losing weight, changing your habits, eating better and getting you to exercise will help you once and for all create a lifestyle you can keep up with.

FINALLY a Weight Loss program that is simple to follow, won’t have you counting calories or clocking hours working out BUT will help you keep off the weight for good!

My 8 week results based plan of action will
help you be that Sexy SkinnyChick!

Introducing the SkinnyChick Challenge, here to help you redefine what you need to feel sexier, fitter, healthier and more confident in your body as an OYA!

SkinnyChick says: "If you’re overweight, you’re the cause of it! Too harsh? Well you need to face reality before you can change your current circumstances.”

SkinnyChick says: "Tomorrow’ is not a day of the week! Start today to change your body and lifestyle or you will regret it in the not to distant future!"

SkinnyChick says: “Today is the youngest you will ever be! Are you taking care of yourself NOW to create a body you will be proud of later in your life?” Don't create a BIG regret by letting your health and body slide.

SkinnyChick says: “Didn’t have time to exercise today? Don’t you mean you didn’t MAKE the time to exercise today? Skipped brushing your teeth today? No? Didn’t think so! We do what we consider important, regardless of how much so called time we have.”

Who this Program Is Not FOR!

Quite frankly, participation in this 8 week program is not for everyone. There is no room for excuses or ‘playing the victim’ on this program. If you are ready to take responsibility for your own body and health, then this could be what you need

If you want to see changes in your shape, then you will have to work for it. If you’re after a magic pill or a quick weight loss solution, you might as well click off this page.

Go buy that diet fad, lose weight, which you will most likely gain it back and then come back and check out what I have to say.

What’s My definition of A Skinny Chick?
It’s not someone who works out for 4 hours a day.
* It’s not someone who eats once a day and starves herself. It’s not someone aiming to be a size zero.
* It’s not someone who ‘diets’ and thinks she will be happy when she is skinnier.
* A SkinnyChick is about redefining what that word usually conjures up.
* A SkinnyChick is a girl that doesn’t necessarily love to work out but does because it makes her FEEL FANTASTIC and makes her feel more confident in her body.
* A SkinnyChick is a girl that loves to eat but chooses to eat nourishing foods that makes her feel good and creates a healthy body.
* A SkinnyChick is a girl that wants to be a size that feels right to her NOT what society expects her to be.
* A SkinnyChick is a girl that wants to create a strong, sexy body that makes her feel good about herself NOW, not at some future goal.

If you need a swift kick up the backside to get you to FINALLY take action, then this may be just what you are looking for!

Let me make a prediction; without doing this program 1 year from now you will be in the same shape you are now OR most likely worse. As we get older, it gets more challenging to get and stay lean. You would have heard the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to your health and especially your weight. If you don’t take action today to make changes, you can only expect to go downhill….

Get SkinnyChick’s Secrets:

LONG-LASTING Weight loss is much easier on the SkinnyChick Challenge. Losing weight and more importantly, keeping it off takes time. The SkinnyChick 8 week Challenge gives you all the tools you need to start making powerful changes to your lifestyle to ensure you exercise right, eat well, lose weight gradually and create habits you can keep up with for life.

Unlike any other diet plan, you can stay on this program for life without ever feeling deprived of the foods you love or having to spend lots of your precious time.

The SkinnyChick Challenge will help you change your habits gradually and overall make sure that you create a plan of action you can stick to. This ensures that you can lose weight and keep it off much more effectively than ever before! The reality is we can change when we really want to. Sometimes we need a kick in the behind to get moving.

Let me help you achieve those personal goals that you know will make a difference in your life. Imagine looking in the mirror you seeing your new sexy and sculpted body. You finally are fitter, skinnier and loving your body! Let’s get you started with my online SkinnyChick Challenge!

Listen to what real people have to say about the SkinnyChick Challenge:

“I dropped my hard to lose 6 pounds in just 4 weeks from doing the challenge and it’s been so much easier than it’s ever been. I needed SkinnyChick’s hard advice to get my butt off the couch and taking action.”

Candace Holden of Orange, California

“SkinnyChick does not mess around! I had all the usual excuses but this program made me realise I was to blame for being fat and out of shape. My husband loves the new me! I look and feel sexy for the first time in years. Its been 11 weeks and I have lost about 9 kilos, fit into a size 10 and am looking forward to showing off my slimmer arms this summer!”

Jill Hughes of Auckland, New Zealand

“At first I had to laugh that a cartoon SkinnyChick could whip me into shape. Well I was wrong to doubt this program. I have lost over 7 kilos, I feel so much more energetic and I feel a new sense of confidence. SkinnyChick’s way of motivating me was just what I needed to start exercising again and taking care of me. Thanks cartoon SkinnyChick lol! I would recommend this program to anyone to get skinny.”

Cassie Martin of Auckland, New Zealand.


Get A Super Sexy Body in just 8 Weeks.....NOW!
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Flexi Pay Plan - 7 payments of $39
NOTE: This is a interactive digital coaching program to help you achieve your health & fitness goals over the next 8 weeks. You will not receive a physical product. Once you have made your purchase our team will register you for the next upcoming program start date. You will receive a email notification once this has been done.

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