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Nalisha Patel is an internationally recognized Health & Fitness expert on psychology based health & fitness training. She is the author and writer of several Health & Fitness books and has been featured as a wellness advisor in over 59 local & international magazines.

She is the designer of the WeightMastery Challenge and the SkinnyChick Challenge. Both programs are sold in over 12 countries.

She’s a trusted health & fitness advisor, consultant and coach to thousands of clients worldwide who have participated in her unique online fitness programs.

Below are media samples from dozens of television & media publications which have featured Nalisha.

The Secret behind why our programs are so effective.
Nalisha is always at the forefront on what is happening in the health & fitness industry. She regularly interviews leading experts from all around the world who are focused on personal development, wellness, fitness and health.

All these learning's are then incorporated and interwoven throughout her programs combined with her unique psychology components ensure long term benefits in all areas of health & well being for her members.

Experts who have contributed to our programs to ensure members get the best results
john covey stedman
Dr John Gray
Dr Michael Roizen
Dr Stephen Covey
Stedman Graham
7 habits
Dr John Gray, author of international bestseller "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus". Nalisha interviews Dr John Gray in LA to learn how a relationship can influence each partners' weight. Nalisha interviews one of worlds best known Doctor's Dr Mike Roizen, as seen regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the author of best selling health book "You, The Owners Manual". Nalisha learns the best secrets to staying young and healthy from her 1 hour interview with Dr Roizen. International bestselling author Dr Stephen Covey talks to Nalisha about Self Leadership and how this can cross over into being more healthy and happy. Nalisha flys to Chicago to meet Stedman Graham, bestselling author on leadership and empowering yourself to be better. She learns about his 9 steps to success process and how it can be used for better health and wellbeing.
Awards Received
Nalisha Patel receives the award of 2008 New Zealand Young Business Person of the Year from Westpac -Runner up for Excellence in business & helping clients.

National Health & Fitness Expert & Writer.

Nalisha writes as an expert on the subject of health & fitness for several magazines including New Zealand Fitness, Her Magazine, PINK, M2 & NZ Business and offers expert advice in Women's Day & Next Magazines.

Nalisha has a Bachelors Degree, double majoring in Exercise Science & Psychology from the University of Auckland and has spent over 13 years educating herself from the best health & fitness minds on the planet on the subject of fitness, motivation & health and how to best motivate people to get into shape long term. Below are samples of several publications which have featured Nalisha.

Check out Nalisha's latest article on "How to get the best ROI from your workplace wellness program" featured in EHS Today Magazine read by over 87000 Industry professionals in America.

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"Boost Club Member Retention by Creating Habits" by Nalisha as featured in Club Industry the worlds leading publication for Health & Fitness Clubs.

Past Columns

Click Here "Three Ways to Nurture Prospects and Convert Them to Club Members"

Click Here"Persuasive Tactics to Retain Health Club Members for Life"

Nalisha featured in NEXT magazine in a 4 page spread...
Australasia's leading
women's lifestyle magazine

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